Roger Reutimann is a Swiss born sculptor, living and working in Boulder, Colorado. 

Reutimann's sculptures carry the imprints of our time. He shapes and forms the materials of the modern age, often using the methods of the past, and in the end leaves us something new to contend with. Our response to his work cannot be axiomatic. Forms have been distilled down to their base elements, leaving only pure geometrical lines behind, oftentimes suggestive of the human form. It is easy to be lulled by the apparent simplicity of it all, but it is in this moment of tranquil regard that the work fully reveals itself.

"My disciplined upbringing, my rigorous piano practicing, my aim for excellence, my sculptures are a reflection of all these things. I strongly believe in perfection." Knowledge and technique are hard earned guiding tools, to help navigate through the chaos of creative thinking. All this is reflected in an uncompromising and meticulous execution. Refining the surface and painting it with high gloss automotive finishes that leave no texture or unnecessary details to distract the eyes. It is condensed to pure and simple form.

Reutimann is interested in the shape of things.  He says, "My intention is taking reality by surprise and with it the observer." This interlude of suspended animation, of stillness, allows us to fully consider all that we are being confronted with. I am treating the human body as an object of sculpture, exaggerating and neglecting features to achieve what can not be seen otherwise to the point where it becomes convincing and authentic. 

"I'm not trying to solve the mystery, but to deepen it."